A Whole-Body Reset!™


A Whole Nervous System, Whole-Body, Whole-Life Reset!  


"The calm lasted a week and a half." - Suellen F., age 61.


Our technology, blessing and curse, drives our pace and the expectations we place on ourselves.  We react to someone or something at every turn. Competing agendas and deadlines.  There’s always traffic!  We check our cell phones constantly –  the next text, next email, next call, next whoever needs us, and we have to respond immediately.  We make everything urgent even when it’s not.  And it seldom is.  We check the time constantly.  We live in fight-or-flight mode, and we almost never stop and pull the plug.  


A Whole-Body Reset™ gives you that: Unplugs you from your day, from your world, from your own head. It is a hands-on, targeted treatment of Polarity Therapy.  Brings your whole nervous system, your whole body, all of you, to stillness.  


Here’s how it works. You come into Larry’s treatment room and leave your world behind.  You take off your shoes and socks – that’s all – and lie down, face up, on the massage table. Within minutes you’re brought to stillness. Total time out.  You sink into the table a little deeper, your muscles let go.  You relax more deeply, right out of fight-or-flight mode, to a deeper stillness. And in that stillness and calm, your nervous system and your whole body will reset. To its natural state.  Where it’s quiet, and everything just works.


After the session, you’ll feel fully rested yet fully alive! When you leave, you'll be happy driving in the right lane! You’ll feel effortlessly present wherever you are. You’ll know what’s important, what’s appropriate in whatever situation you may find yourself. You’ll make healthier choices, be more clear, more calm, more effective.


A Whole-Body Reset™ is a total nervous system, whole-body, whole-life reset. It is the start of a new norm.


Imagine …

  • Naturally beautiful posture … effortlessly

  • Being patient where once you were not

  • Being confident and self-expressed where once you were intimidated

  • Being calm and poised in any situation, even in unexpected interruptions

  • Being fully present and appropriate

  • Being more effective across the board in your life

  • Knowing what’s important

  • Being at peace with your circumstances even as you move to change them

  • Being happy … just happy!


This makes all the difference in every area of your life. When you no longer live in fight-or-flight, your relationship with everything in your life changes.


Sessions of A Whole-Body Reset™ are designed for you to receive on a relaxed, regular basis. The benefits are cumulative. It is for those who want to enjoy optimal vitality, stay fresh and be at the top of their game for as long as they want. It is for those who understand that the health of our nervous systems is everything!

Neuro-Energy Balance™



"You are the reason I can live my life the way I want to." -  Linda J., 60’s.


Neuro-Energy Balance™ is a unique blend of Polarity Therapy, a hands-on energy therapy, and Orthopedic Massage, a specialized modality of therapeutic massage. Polarity Therapy and Orthopedic Massage are life-changing, each in and of itself. Each restores your body to how it was designed to be. Orthopedic Massage returns your muscles to their resting length and tone to give you relief from tightness, stiffness, and pain that is deeper, more durable and longer lasting. Gives you freedom in your body. Polarity Therapy restores your vital energy  to its natural flow, your whole body and nervous system to their natural balance an calm.  This softens your relationship with stress itself so that what once ran you and caused you stress, no longer does.  Or at least you catch it sooner and nip it in the bud.  Neuro-Energy Balance™ is whole treatment for body, mind, and spirit.


Orthopedic Massage

In Orthopedic Massage, Larry administers targeted massage techniques which treat the muscles in their layered, sequential relationships with one another, through which stress turns into muscle tension and, untreated, spreads to chronic, wider, more stubborn tightness and pain.. Orthopedic Massage is a deeply intentional, focused work – rolls back your tension, so to speak – to give you a quicker, deeper, more thorough and longer lasting result. Plus it just feels really, really good!


Performing light, isometric stretches – so relaxing that people often fall asleep in mid-isometric! – and myofascial technique, Orthopedic Massage is like reverse psychology on your muscles, and they just let go. Your muscles return to their resting length.  By its nature, Orthopedic Massage reaches more deeply into the muscles than “deep massage” per se can reach, without the physical force. Orthopedic Massage deliberately stays underneath the pain response.  Your whole body then opens back to its natural, fuller movement. Plus it just feels really good!


Orthopedic Massage gives you deep and lasting relief from

  • Neck and shoulder tightness and pain

  • Loss of neck range of motion

  • Forward-Head Posture

  • Poor posture generally

  • Rotator cuff strain or injury

  • Frozen shoulder, shoulder stiffness

  • Low-back, whole-back stiffness and pain

  • Sciatica

  • Hip stiffness

  • Hamstring strain

  • ITB strain and tightness

  • Tennis and golf elbow

  • Whiplash

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Sore, tired, aching hands and feet

  • TMJ resulting from severe neck and shoulder tension

  • Loss of movement resulting from soft-tissue restriction.


Orthopedic Massage is an ideal complement for chiropractic work. For when the muscles are relaxed and back to their resting length, chiropractic will be more effective.  The adjustment will be easier to achieve and hold better.  The relationship between massage and chiropractic is like that of the ropes and poles of a pup tent.  The poles are your spine and structure; the ropes are your muscles and supporting tendons and ligaments.  You can have the finest poles in the world, but if the ropes are slack, the poles won’t stay up and the tent will collapse.  If you have strong ropes pulled tight but your poles are rusted and disintegrating, your tent is not secure, and you don’t know when it will collapse.


Though Orthopedic Massage is rarely a whole-body treatment – usually the entire session treats a specific issue and area– the quality of relief is so complete that your whole body feels totally renewed!


Polarity Therapy

In Neuro-Energy Balance™, even this more durable relief from tightness and restriction is only the starting point. Polarity Therapy goes underneath the physical symptoms to the imbalances in your body energy which underlie your tension and which leave you vulnerable to stress becoming tension and breakdown.  Polarity Therapy is a hands-on treatment, a system of protocols for treating the body to access and influence your energy field and to clear where it’s blocked or stagnant, that it may flow freely again and vibrant health may arise. Polarity is a treatment of gentle manipulation, light to moderate rocking to soothe or stimulate, still holding and connecting of pressure and energy points to access and influence the energy deep within you. Because it opens your energy and treats at the deepest level of your body’s makeup, Polarity Therapy imparts an uncommon and durable relaxation and calm.  It’s like getting a Teflon coating of calm from the inside out. Muscle tension melts away.


Polarity Therapy goes to the stress itself which underlies upset and  muscle tension.  Your nervous system resets, and your muscles naturally let go and return to their state of relaxation. You enjoy a deep and durable calm in addition to a release from tightness and pain. 


Unblocking your deeper, vital energy, Polarity therapy brings about deeper, more durable relaxation of your muscles, which may then allow the body’s own, natural, structural shift and self-correction.  Your nervous system will return to its natural balance, and you will step out of fight-or-flight mode. Your heartbeat will soften; your breathing will slow down and deepen; you’ll feel a deepening calm, almost like your blood pressure is dropping.  Your adrenals will calm down and stop spewing out stress hormones; your happy endorphins will increase, and you’ll feel truly healthier. You’ll  experience a vital calm – rested yet fully alive! – and your whole body will return toward its natural efficiency and effectiveness.



Polarity Therapy eases:

  • Stress

  • Tension headache

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Overwhelm, feeling compressed in your life

  • Indecision

  • Grief

  • Emotional eating

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Upper back, neck, and shoulder tension

  • Low-back, whole-back tension

  • Digestive upset

  • Lethargy

  • Posture

  • Chronic, shallow breathing

  • Immune/lymphatic competence

  • Tired, sore hands and feet


Polarity Therapy lets you feel taller, straighter, and more open and spacious in your body.


Polarity Therapy – and especially A Whole-Body Reset™ - are ideal complements for any weight-loss program.  They take you out of fight-or-flight mode and soften your relationship with stress all together.  So you’re less anxious about whatever you’re otherwise anxious about!  When you’re no longer in fight-or-flight, you’re naturally more calm. Your adrenals are not spewing cortisol into your blood stream, so  emotional eating drops off.  You make better food choices more easily.


Polarity Therapy can be the entire session, or it can be added to a massage treatment to give you a deeper relaxation.

 What makes Neuro-Energy Balance™ Primary Health Care

Stress is the major component – some say “cause” – in almost all illness.  Some say 80%, some say 100% because of the insidious, cascading reach of stress. We spend more of our waking house in fight-or-flight mode.


The first place stress shows up is in tight muscles, most commonly neck and shoulders. Neuro-Energy Balance™ takes care of stress

  • while all it is, is “just” muscle tension;

  • while all it is, is a whispered sense of  “I’m okay, I just feel a little off any more, nothing specific;”

  • before it can become something more serious down the road.

Left untreated, it will become something more serious.  It cannot not.


When we’re in fight-or-flight, certain systems in our bodies gear up for urgent response to perceived threat, and certain other systems shut down because that energy is needed for the emergency.  When we live in fight-or-flight, eventually the systems always gearing up wear out, and the systems always shutting down don’t come back on fully anymore.  And we’re toast.


Tight muscles.  Pain.  We acclimate, make excuses.  “Everybody has stress.”  We adjust, keep going in our dailyness; we keep compensating, like the frogs in the hot water, until we’ve stressed our bodies’ back-up systems.  Then we’re in trouble, and what was once routine tension is now something the doctors give a name to and prescribe medication for.  Neuro-Energy Balance™ treats stress at its source. Nips it in the bud.