Larry Witzleben, LMT
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Why am I in the work that I’m in?  What fills me every day?  I believe in community! Healthy, vibrant community, bustling with healthy, conscious, intentional people. The kind I like to hang out with.  And I believe in freedom!  Freedom and joie de vivre … in your body and in your life!


That’s what I seek to give you in my work. Freedom in your body to move fully and free of pain, and freedom in your spirit so you can live large and live the life you love!


If I can return your muscles to their relaxed, resting length, if I can take you out of fight-or-flight mode, then you’ll be more effective and happy across the board in your life.  That’s my contribution to the world I want to live in.


Live well, live large!





Larry’s career in the bodywork and energy therapies began one picture-perfect, June weekend in 1989 at a workshop in Montreal. He was coming to the end of what would be the final assignment of his years in aerospace, when he took a workshop in Polarity Therapy, an energy therapy and one of health care’s best kept secrets.  He’d been receiving treatments of Polarity Therapy for five months, loved how he felt as a result of it, and was intrigued to learn what it was really all about. He’d always resonated with the Eastern therapies and the mind-body-spirit connection they spoke of.


That weekend, Larry was totally smitten with Polarity Therapy.  “This just makes sense. This energy stuff just makes sense! Totally logical,” he said of the Ayurvedic model. “Explains health deeply and perfectly.”  And through that weekend, he found he had a knack for the hands-on work itself.  Two months later, he returned to Orlando, only to be laid off when the aerospace assignment was cut short.  In the blink of an eye, he was off to Sarasota where he began his formal study of Polarity Therapy!  Living at the teacher’s home and, with seven Licensed Massage Therapists for two weeks, studying Polarity Therapy every day.  Larry never looked back!


Two years later, after continuing to study and practice on his own, Larry moved to Gainesville for a month-long program of certification in Advanced Polarity Therapy, then stayed on to obtain the massage license required by the State of Florida. He was launched.


It was clear to Larry from the start that the source of our tension lies in how we live.  Where else could it be?  Polarity Therapy asks, “What’s really going on beneath what’s going on?  Let’s work there!” Loosening your neck and shoulders only scratches the surface.  Easing the subtler, underlying, energetic stress patterns gives you the real and lasting relief and freedom.


Then many years ago Larry found and studied the Orthopedic Massage work of James Waslaski.  It seemed to access and treat more deeply and effectively than “deep tissue” massage, and without the physical force.  In fact, Orthopedic Massage seemed like reverse psychology on the tight muscles to get them to relax their grip and therefore, the perfect bodywork companion for Polarity Therapy.  Together they enhance what each, by itself, can give you.


So he blended the two – Polarity Therapy and Orthopedic Massage – and has given his singular work a new name which more accurately presents what it gives you: Neuro-Energy Balance™.  It is a total, hands-on nervous system and soft-tissue treatment, which loosens muscles while taking you to the uncommon, lasting calm that is the hallmark of his therapy. You just feel good being in your body again! 


But there’s a crowning piece!  From the first days of being in practice, Larry knew that the nervous system – the health of the nervous system - was key.  “If I can take you out of fight-or-flight mode, then everything else in your body can begin to work again as it was designed to do.”  He wanted to create a treatment for those who had no time to relax but needed so very much to do so. He calls it A Whole-Body Reset. All you'll take off are your shoes! It'll change your life. A whole  nervous-system, whole-body reset. And the start of a new norm.

Finally, Larry is a speaker and thought leader. He presents on the essential importance of our nervous systems to total health, the singular importance of the heart connection, and the benefit that can come only from our unplugging regularly from our technology and our daily lives.

Larry is a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, and the American Polarity Therapy Association.